Modest Fashion for Ramadan Season

Ramadan season is here and we are eagerly awaiting every fashion moment it comes with! 

Ramadan follows the lunar calendar, the start and end dates of which are different each year. this year's, Ramadan begins on the night of Friday April 1st and ends on the night of Sunday May 1st. Some Muslims differ on  start and end dates, but in the Triangle, mosques and Muslim leaders stick to that schedule.

Ramadan is a month of intense spiritual rejuvenation with an increased focus on devotion, during which Muslims spend more time reading the Quran and performing special prayers.

It' s that time of the year when Muslims gather together to wine and dine with love after the day' s fast...  African clothing line such as Wanni Fuga is here with an iconic banger in form of a gown;  Amaya V-neck fringed Kaftan made from Silk crepe will give the distinct look and ultimate comfort you crave.


The popular believe is that Ramadan is a period of  fasting to empathize with those less fortunate, giving to charity and praying regularly – aims to purify one’s inner soul, rather than focusing on worldly, material distractions. We say... you can also feel good about yourself during this period .

 These dresses are a great choice for all Ramadan gatherings including Iftar and Suhoor with family and friends. Wanni Fuga's Twixt Maxi is stylish and comfortable. This gown take Ramadan fashion to a new level.

These are carefully selected outfits for you because they have the most soothing texture giving a pacifying feeling during the fasting. Also, you do not want to have wet patches after ablution so they are thoroughly designed to give you maximum comfort. 



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