Outfits for Detty December Concerts


The best month of the year to visit Lagos is December, often known as "Detty December," because it is usually exciting and packed with activities and concerts. In Lagos, Nigeria, the month of December is typically a time of intense enjoyment and high energy. The concert culture is anticipated to be bigger and better given that Nigerian singers led the Afrobeats movement this year. 

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There are several concerts that you can go to. Having trouble deciding what to wear? How to combine style and comfort Fashtracker will take care of you! 


This beautiful two-piece outfit by @1964.brand is a must-have for every woman this season. This outfit has the best color to describe 2022 in a nutshell. 2022 has been a roller coaster for many of us but there have been beautiful stripes here and there that made the experience better. It's breezy, comfortable, and gorgeous!! Add this to your cart now. 

Loose fitting double breasted shacked with a front pocket and elasticated wrist detail that can be worn as both a jacket and a shirt. Inspired by the juxtaposition of 9-5 and nighttime socials. 



Titi Bellos Kimono Inspired Fitted Mini Dress in this gorgeous orange colour  Kimono-styled top half with bishop collar and slit detail on the upper back. Mini pencil skirt bottom. made in a textured damask and available via order in different colours. 

TITI BELO is a high-end women's brand that provides accessories, bridal services, and a Made To Measure label to ladies. They regard clothing as a tool that gives women a sense of emotional and financial power—both for the wearer and the dressmaker.

Meet RIA, the perfect dress that gives the right amount of fun and sexy. 

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