Creator Focus - JON PELUMI

Jon Pelumi launched his brand intent on telling his story through clothing. Young, energetic and full of talent, he continues to raise the bar with every new collection. He is also very meticulous about the quality and service he provides.  The Anita dress is a Fashtracker fave! Read his story. 

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I say a prayer to God / log onto instagram.

2.  Why did you start your fashion brand?
I started this brand because I know I have a story to tell the world and the readily available medium for me to tell his story was through clothing.
3.  What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion simply means a way to express what is on the inside of us.
4. Has fashion been a lifelong passion or newfound love?
New found love.
5. How do you think  the Nigerian Fashion industry can be improved?
I strongly believe that the fashion industry should be a private/public sector collaboration. its pathetic that we don't have a functional textile manufacturing industry as a nation, Very Bad!
6. H ow will you define your personal style? Does it influence your designs?
My personal style is extreme, unassuming minimalism, with well thought out detailing, mostly in black, and yes, it influences my designs.
7. How do you make sure your products are at a good standard?
We ensure that our products are top quality by first putting the structure and procedure in place, from ideation to sampling, to the right fit and then carefully monitored quality control.
8. What is your personal favourite item you have designed?
My favourite thing i've designed is the unisex side split kaftan, you should have one, its flattering.
9. Give us your thoughts on dressing up as a woman in the workplace.
Everything we've designed describes our idea of the ideal working woman - less noise, but when she steps into the office space,a board meeting or presentation stage, every single gesture reveals a new side to the outfit, and that is class.
10. Who is your ideal customer?
Our ideal customer is any woman who appreciates the concept that "less is more", especially when she has an understanding that the "lesser" things are the true essence of living - the little things! The pandemic brought us closer to this realisation.
11. What advice would you give to young brands just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?
The advice i have for younger designers is to get off the buzz of social media, the glam that comes with fashion and concentrate on business, just like any other business, hard work is inevitable for success, fashion cant be an exempted.
12.  Give us a tip on how to instantly class up any look!
Put on a beautiful smile.
13. What is your greatest design ispiration?
I am mostly inspired by subject matters,school of thoughts, ideologies, basically the intangible, then i create a body of work that is tangible out of it.

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