How your Clothes Affects your Mood

       How your fashion affects your mood

If you have wondered why certain colours and clothing styles excite or dampen your mood, this piece is for you.

Cloths have a way of affecting not just the way people see us but also our mood and behaviour. 


What you wear influences your ability to think and perform. Also, the colours you see or wear affect you sometimes, these feelings are general, while other times they could be peculiar to you based on your personality. In simple terms, many people find the colour Blue calming. fresh, and clean(this is a general feeling) but you can find the same colour unsettling (could be because of PTSD with it or you, not just a calm person.)

 For more context, Fashion psychology is the study and treatment of how colour, image, style, beauty, and shape affect human behaviour. Often we dress up based on the weather, but there is a deeper, underlying relationship between what we wear and how it affects us.

According to Dr Dawmn Karen, a renowned fashion psychologist says “How you look and how you are perceived is an authentic thing. Just as sports psychology, military psychology, and forensic psychology exist, there is a true need for this.”

Karen reveals how fashion helped to rebuild her self-esteem and career after surviving rape and battery. Now, she is trying to help her clients cope with pandemic-induced emotions. 

“Due to the quarantine, we aren’t entering new environments. People are no longer dressing for someone else…they’re wearing what makes them feel good,” says Karen. “As for me, I’ve been really honing in on the mood enhancement stress theory…dress to optimise my mood. Prints and silk make me feel good, so I’ve been wearing kimonos. I can wear them around the house for comfort, but also close in on camera, and they look classic and regal.”

Source: Nutritious Life

Try these tricks to enhance your mood

  • Wear brighter colours on days you feel unhappy/ moody. It will significantly enhance your mood.
  • For days you just want to be all rested and lazy about, wear cooler colours such as brown, dark blue, and mustard yellow. By simply putting on this colour, it will calm your mind enough not to open your computer to do a little work.
  • Wearing silk gives a soothing feeling. It makes  you calm and exquisite looking 
  • Putting on Midi dresses, especially during summer makes you more expressive. It gives a freeing feeling you will love.
  • Add some bling to your outfits. It will help you feel some sense of enthusiasm.
  • Animal prints can make you feel bold, seen, and independent.
  • Wear styles that fit your body type.

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