How To Style Beaded Bags

Beaded fashion accessories (bags, necklaces, etc.) should not be missing in your wardrobe. I find them fascinating because they are timeless. They give both vintage and modern “vibes” all at once It almost as if its beauty is eternal...

See a few ways you can style your beaded bags;

• Pair your favorite beaded bag with a short dress of your choice
• For the pearl beaded bag, match it with a maxi dress accentuated with matching shoe heels.
• If you have a long strap crystal beaded bag, wear it crossed over a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Trust me, you will look chick for a games-out date
• Box-like medium pearl bags sizes go well with work-wear outfits.
• Pull off a vintage look with a fancy pearl bag 
Let me know what you think… How else do you like to pair your beaded bag? let me know in the comment section.

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