How to Know Your Right Clothing Size

Most often, we get to make mistakes on our cloth sizes and the fact that there are different size types (UK, us, etc) does not help matters. If you fall in this category, then you are in the right place. 

To start with, I will teach you the basics of getting your body measurements, then we can then categorize them into sizes. Here are simple steps to follow in order to get your accurate measurements;

  • Get a tape rule 
  • Measure your bust (hold the tail end of your tape rule, then go round your burst. Make sure it's not too tight)
  • Measure your waist. In sowing, your waist is not the bone joint joining your upper and lower body together instead, it is the curve at the level of your belly button. You want to make sure you have an accurate measurement.
  • Measure your hips. Use the same method you used in getting your bust measurement.

Dress size chart

Bust                               Waist                 UK size

86-89 cm (33.5"-35")   69-72 cm           (26.5"-28") 10

90-93 cm (35"-36.5")   73-77 cm            (28"-30") 12

94-97 cm (36.5"-38")     78-81 cm           (30"-32") 14

98-102 cm (38"-40")      82-85 cm         (32"-33.5") 16

We hope this helps in picking the right size when shopping with us. Check out a few authentic contemporary African fashion designs here.

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