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Pear Body shape 

The pear body type is distinguished by wide hips that are wider than the bust and shoulders. This gives the body the appearance of a pear shape. This body form also has a distinct waist and comparably slender arms and shoulders.

Here are other characteristics of the pear body shape.

  • The pear's shoulders are narrower than the hips and maybe sloping.
  • The little upper half and small bust
  • A distinct waist as a result of bigger hips.
  • whole hips or thighs
  • Legs are typically muscular or full.
  • Weight gain is most noticeable around the hips, thighs, and lower midriff.

Styling with a pear body shape

Because the pear body form is heavier on the bottom, there is an imbalance in the upper half of the body. The trick to dressing for this body type is to draw attention away from the larger hips and towards the upper torso and defined waist.

To achieve a balanced silhouette, you want to create the illusion of volume on the upper body while emphasising the waist and de-emphasizing the lower body.

Emphasise the upper body.

Adding weight to the shoulder and chest area visually de-emphasizes the hips and thighs and balances the form.

  • To visually widen the shoulder line, concentrate on building strong shoulders.
  • Purchase a decent push-up bra to elevate your chest.
  • Wear contrasting colours on your upper body.
  • To draw attention to the top, carefully use eye-catching designs, textures, and embellishments.
  • Wear fitting clothing to draw attention to your waist.
  • Layering on the top half of your body adds visual appeal and draws the eye upwards.
  • Avoid boxy shirts that cover the waist.

Necklines should be wide to optically widen the pear body shape's shoulders and bust parts. Narrow and long necklines have the opposite effect: they stretch and thin the upper body vertically.

Choose lower, wider necklines such as square, bateau, and Sabrina. Off-shoulder necklines lengthen your upper body by a few inches.

Adding embellishments is another great way to draw the eye higher and create volume in the shoulder and bust areas.

A cowl collar, for example, adds volume to the neckline. Big collars, lace trims, and ruffles all give volume to your upper body, which helps to balance out the wider hips. 

The length of the sleeve determines the appropriate sleeve type for a pear-shaped physique. Choose wide, ornate versions with short sleeves to give your upper body more volume. Flutter, bell, and batwing sleeves are all suitable choices.

The converse is true, though, for long sleeves: you want to minimise the volume around your hips. It is preferable in this situation to let the sleeve taper while also adding volume to the shoulder region. For instance, shoulder padding, puff, and cap sleeves can be used to achieve this.


Triangle Body-shape

The broad shoulders and/or bust that narrows to the hips define the inverted triangle body type.

The body appears to be shaped like an upside-down triangle as a result. 

What the Inverted Triangle Looks Like

  • Significantly broader shoulders than hips
  • Shoulders may be square, erect, and powerful-looking.
  • Small to large busts are possible.
  • No or little waist definition
  • Compared to broad shoulders, the hips appear straight and flat.
  • Flat on the bottom
  • Great legs frequently accompany this body type.
  • This body type suggests an athletic and sporty figure. 

How to style a triangle body shape

Due to the wide shoulder line, the inverted triangle body shape is heavier on the top.

To produce a balanced profile, it is important to balance this shape's wider shoulders, chest, and back with its slimmer lower body.

This is accomplished by dressing in ways that emphasise the waist and de-emphasize the upper body while adding curves to the hips and lower body. 

Embrace the curves with your hips.

To make your hips and bottom look curvier and your shoulders smaller, add volume and interest to those areas.

Using waist details, you can provide the appearance of having a waist.

To expand the hips, wear clothing that accentuates the lower body.

Consider wearing lighter, brighter colours or including accents to draw attention to your legs.

Avoid wearing tight, slender, or hemlines that are visibly reducing to the lower body.

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