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Mawu Africa

Mawu Africa is a one-stop store for stunning African handicrafts and other unique cultural goods from the continent's African artisans and creatives. We are a fair trade virtual mall that sells things that are ethically created, locally sourced, and artisan-made.

They aim to empower African craftsmen and creatives by increasing the circulation of their products and providing sustainable revenue options. They are dedicated to preserving the dignity of African creatives, appreciating their distinct cultural practices and traditions, and advocating for good change in our communities and around the world.

They offer a secure purchasing environment where you can quickly acquire a wide range of original African goods in culture, fashion, and art. All of their pieces are handcrafted with passion and sourced from all around Africa.

 Mawu is a group of thinkers, doers, and trendsetters united by a passion for African craftsmanship and traditional art. Their objective is to increase the worldwide marketability of African crafts while also transforming the lives of their local communities in order to encourage African creative outputs. Their key principles are passion, inspiration, creativity, and abundance. 


The Folklore Group is a combination of B2B, consumer, and media products that make it easy for the global ecosystem to discover, connect with, and buy African and diasporic designer brands. Its mission is to bring together businesses, customers, and partners who value sustainability and cutting-edge design via the use of technology and community.

The Folklore Town promotes collaboration and participation among individuals and companies that wish to see our town thrive.

They are forging significant and long-term relationships between brands and their global consumers and partners. Diversity and inclusion allow the world to recognise African and diasporic ingenuity while also promoting inclusivity. expansion via the development of efficient supply chain networks that foster entrepreneurship, employment, manufacturing, and the African and diasporic economies together. The impact is seen in the development of solutions that improve how brands, merchants, and consumers engage in mindful commerce.

They should recognise and promote innovation as a means of creating a better and more sustainable society.


Afrikrea was founded in 2016 with a single goal in mind: to connect Africa and the rest of the world.

Its co-founders, Moulaye Tabouré, Kadry Diallo, and Luc B. Perussault-Diallo, all hail from Mali and Guinea and have a passion for Africa. They wanted to make Made in Africa products more accessible to a larger audience. Furthermore, they envisioned creating a space that would promote financial empowerment for African women through fashion, crafts, arts, and culture.

Unlike natural resources, which are restricted, generated, sold, and controlled by others, African culture is an endless, coveted, and widely acknowledged asset that Africans will always possess.

Africans have earned the right to freely use, consume, and profit from it. Their objective is to disseminate and promote African culture, as well as Japanese food, Latin dances, and European lifestyles.

As a result, selling and buying African culture all over the world should be a fun communal activity.

Afrikrea is a French wordplay on the words "Africa" and "creation" - design in French).

They bring together hundreds of vendors from Africa and around the world as an eCommerce platform. Every day, they help people launch and maintain their businesses online.

They also offer a secure purchasing experience for their consumers, allowing them to buy with confidence and comfort on their platform. Sellers will only be paid when your order has been sent and acknowledged receipt.

After growing up in Mali and working for firms such as PwC and Alstom all over the world, Moulaye dedicates his experience to African culture. As a result, now conducts over $10 million in transactions across 150 countries.

Moulaye, who is obsessed with service and operational quality, believes that digital distribution is the key to Africa's future. 

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